Save on Printing Costs

Your Return On Printing Is..?

Ask any marketing manager what their advertising return on investment is and they will tell you down to two decimal places.

Ask almost anyone in your industry what the return on investment is for printing costs and you’ll meet blank stares all round.

The efficient running of your business or department printing goes beyond ensuring that your printers don’t run out of materials. You can also get greater efficiency by proper print server management.

Unlike photocopiers, most conventional printers offer no audit or counter functions; they just run out of paper or toner, which is promptly replaced with a groan or a shrug rather than analysis.

The Danger

Each individual sheet printed seems such a tiny cost, especially to an employee who is not personally engaged in paying for it. This results in unnecessary printing, for example producing two copies of something “just in case”, despite the original being stored on the user’s hard disk.

Printing costs, for general or vague purposes, is one of the largest untracked and unexplored expenditures a primarily office-based company has. Even with large-scale streamlined efficiency and purchasing supplies in bulk, a big laser printer is still costing your company around $0.10 per A4 sheet (2009).

That may shock you, after all, manufacturers make claims of “average 5% coverage” or thousands of pages per toner cannister but toner is not the only cost. Even going with manufacturer’s claims, the cost is around $0.04 per sheet for a big laser printer, rising with smaller machines and trebling for ink-jets.

What gets forgotten is the cost of the paper itself, the wear and depreciation of the printer, the energy consumption, delivery fees for supplies, combating the heat given off from printing and so on. Factor in those elements and the increasing use of color graphics and $0.10 is probably an under-estimate!


Did you know for example, that the reason some laser printers are marked “suitable for home use” is because they have an exceptionally low power requirement? Over half of the laser printers found in the average office would actually blow a fuse or trigger a trip switch if you were to plug them in at your family home; that’s how heavy the power requirements of these things are.

If your company or department has no technical restriction on printing then you can be certain that waste is occurring. Large scale studies suggest a minimum of 10% wastage and usually more and that’s still not accounting for the unseen associated costs.

Your Protection

For most companies the first line of defense is centralizing via a large laser copier rather than desktop units or inkjets. If your business is not already doing so it is a necessary first step.

The second attempt at controlling costs seen most often usually fails. This is the weak use of rules, quotas and policies on what can be printed, how many copies etc.

A better solution is print server management via centralized software.

Simply by setting rules and creating suitable user groups it is possibly to actually prevent or restrict printing on a local and even global basis. Some examples:

Only allow color printing on the department’s large laser printer

Let small offices use their desktop inkjet but up to a maximum of 2 pages per user


Block the printing of internal email

Prevent printing outside expected hours

Such rules are just the beginning and over time such software can identify and clear bottlenecks while clamping down tight on wastage. You can easily exceed a saving of 10%, in fact one of our clients currently saves 64% on their annual costs.

The impact of such software can actually boost productivity, as it encourages the use of internal email, consolidated documents and greater efficiency. More for less is the goal of every business and implementing such print management is now technically feasible for an investment as low as replacing a single color toner cartridge.

Print Server Management Software by Antamedia

Print Manager by Antamedia is designed for medium to small enterprises with multiple printers or even remote print centers over national borders. Importantly, Print Manager is a software-only server that does not require any changes to your existing infrastructure.

It provides a detailed yet clear control panel that gives you total flexibility. Any necessary changes can be made in real time with just a mouse and keyboard, while unauthorized personnel are unable to over-ride company policy.

No appointment is needed for a demonstration, as you can download a free trial onto any PC to view the functionality and user-friendly interface. Collect your trial with the following link:

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