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[+] New feature     [*] Modification     [–] Bugfix

Version 2.0.1
[+] Print Agent now tracks all printers connected to a computer. Print Agent have to run on every computer from which you want to track printing. There is no need to connect and share your printers from the main Print Manager server.

[+] When a user prints a document, Print Agent pops up from tray and asks the user to enter username and password in order to print a document. It shows document name, printer name, number of pages and copies, and print cost.

[+] Print Manager offers toner/ink tracking using SNMP (for network printers) and simple calculation for other printers. It notifies on predefined email when toner/ink is low, and provides statistical report for all your printers toners – on screen and printable

[+] Improved communication between Print Manager and Agent. It is now even possible to run Agent in totally different networks, behind firewalls. If you put your Print Manager on a public static IP, you could run Agents and control printing on the computers in different locations, connected through different Internet Service Providers.

[+] Print Operator available in installer as an option. It offers Print Release Station, Operator and Admin mode, which are atumatically switched depending on the user access rights

[+] Filtering print jobs by an account or group name (organizational unit) in the Print Job statistics

[+] Delete desired printers from the setup list, or disable print tracking for them

[-] Fixed bug with computer name not showing in the Print Job statistics

[-] Tax was not calculated when displaying price in the Print Job Statistics

[+] Added support for new printers

[*] Lite Edition is not available anymore. Upgrades to the Standard, Premium and Corporate editions are available for existing users.

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