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Could you charge for printing at your library?

Libraries, by their nature, are well organized. What they are not so good at is making money.

It’s become almost standard now for librarys to provide Internet connected PCs. This is great as visitors can quickly locate information, read their emails and so on. However, they then have to leave the library empty-handed, relying only on their memory for what they found!


Allowing visitors to insert USB drives, floppy disks or writable CDs into your computers, can open up a can of worms with network security, trojans and so on. Even if you do allow this, for many visitors the ability to just go ahead and print their data, holding it in their hands right there, would be preferable.

So why don’t more libraries offer printing services?

The Obstacles

The first issue of course is cost. Who is going to pay for all the paper and ink, let alone the actual printing machines? The answer seems obvious, make the visitor pay for what they use.

Done sensibly, charging for printing can even lead to a significant income, so why not?

That’s where most otherwise streamlined and logically organized librarys fall apart, as they use half-baked solutions such as hiding the printer behind a desk! The idea is the visitor has to ask for their print-out and pay to get it. Such a system can work but it fails badly when the member of staff guarding the printer is busy or simply somewhere else.

What if some young visitor decides to print an entire online comic book series of 465 pages?

The Solution

The ideal solution to such issues would need to either:

1. Restrict the ability to print until after payment

2. Set maximum limits on how much any individual can print

Other problems to contend with include such ridiculous scenarios as some harrassed librarian trying to count the pages of a 50 page report (with some in color), while fending off other enquiries or answering the telephone!

Happily all such issues can be resolved with a simple software installation. No extra hardware, no cabling, just some proper print management software that will control print operations automatically.

More than money

The advantages of offering a paid printing service go beyond the printing income it will produce.


Your library becomes a more valuable resource, especially as less frequent visitors come to realise they can print on the premises. That carries a powerful side benefit, for if your library is like most then your primary funding is likely directly dependent upon visitor levels and usage.

In the current economy just holding onto existing funding can be a struggle. Can you imagine having greater visitor numbers and a strong case for more funding?

Antamedia Print Manager

A special software program, specifically designed for librarys, Internet cafes or similar, is Antamedia Print Manager. Offering detailed print control, with or without charging, it is flexible enough to cover any paid printing situation.

Unlike conventional print management software, which is designed purely for cutting waste without any options to charge end users, paid printing is at the heart of the system. Different pricing for black and white or color, restrictions on page volume, pay as you go or prepaid accounts, it’s all there.

Another sign that Print Manager was built for the task is that it makes billing or invoicing your visitors very easy, with no arguments and no manual counting of pages.

Print Manager requires no upgrades or changes to your current network. It will probably take you more time deciding how much to charge or just what the automated rules should be, than the installation of the software.

As Print Manager only requires its simplified control panel to be installed on a single computer to demonstrate it, you should try out a free trial on your PC today. Your library could be offering a paid printing service tomorrow; it really is that easy. Click the link below to download it:

Print Manager Download

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