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Educational Printer Management Is Now A “Must Have”

Tighter budgets across the world are a natural result from the wobbly economy, which we all accept.

It is still somehow a shame that this has to include education, potentially short-changing our future generations and the organisations that serve them. We are naturally protective of our young and of course that includes their education facilities.

One effective means of fighting back is by fighting costs within your school. Today that means not accepting any waste which can be easily avoided. Of course, you’re doing the best you can but have you considered printer management?


Printer management is often overlooked yet the costs can quickly add up and organised printer management can also help to protect the environment by saving waste as well as money. With the average educational printing expenses exceeding $20,000 per 1,000 students you can see that even a small reduction will help your school with much needed funds.

Printer Management Software

Modern colleges, universities and even smaller schools can have dozens of printers spread across the network. Many administrators are surprised to discover just how many printers are in operation. This gets truly driven home when it comes to basic measures, such as updating driver software. It gets even worse when considering upgrading to more modern printers. Any savings are out of reach compared to the cost of such an upgrade, as a medium sized college can easily have over a hundred different printers dotted around campus. Some, of course, have a lot more than that.

Of all the various ways that printing expenses can be reduced, print management software is the easiest and most effective. It never sleeps, can be set to enforce strict rules and the better programs are very flexible, without requiring any changes in your network’s hardware or requiring different driver software or configuration.

Print Manager from Antamedia has every feature you could wish for but most importantly it is incredibly easy to use. Originally produced for sole proprietors of internet cafes, much of its development has been towards simple operation without requiring training or anything too technical.


The technology has proven to scale to massive levels with no hiccups, leading Antamedia Print Manager to become the obvious and popular choice among schools, non-profits and NGOs. Key features include just a single installation on any Windows based computer without any further network configuration, along with single accounts, group accounts, password protection, per-printer restrictions, automatic detection of all connected printers and a simple tabbed interface.

There are many more features but of course a very popular reason Print Manager has fast become a favorite is the affordable licensing, which allows special reductions for educational and non-profit use!

Charge For Printing?

As Print Manager was designed to enable hotels and internet cafes to charge for printing it has extra features, such as restricting to black and white printing, only allowing printing at certain times of day and so on.

Of course you don’t have to charge money but for fund raising or perhaps covering costs on events open to the public, it’s nice to have the option. I’ll let you use your imagination on that one!

When you consider typical yearly printer expenses of around $20,000, a mere 10% reduction would save $2,000. Even the tightest run business has found 10% to be a minimum saving, with many reporting savings up to a massive 64%. Schools often save more than a business can, as few office employees try printing out music band posters…

With very affordable licensing starting from as little as $99 even smaller schools can implement proper printer management today.

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