Editions – Feature Matrix


Number of Printers

Number of printers controlled by Antamedia Print Manager.


Fully Compatible

Supports your printing environment and all printer brands.

Independent and Low Risk

Antamedia Print Manager does not require any change in your printer drivers, settings, network or workstations.

Print Manager History

Easily check print job history for any selected time period. Details include document and printer name, username, number of pages, page size, color, price, workstation and date and time for each printed or deleted job

Print Charging (Billing)

Charge for print jobs per page, or configure separate prices for color and black & white printing

Print Job Viewer

Allows you or your administrator to view content of currently paused print jobs

Setup Wizard

Built-in “wizard” helps you to configure print prices, share your printers or generate accounts so you can start providing either paid or managed services immediately.

Multiple Location Support

Connect all your offices in one network and use the same database. Your customers will be able to use the same account to print documents at any of the locations. For example, two company branches in different parts of the city, connected in one network and sharing one database.

Customizable Print Templates for Tickets, Bills and Reports

Modify existing print templates or create totally new templates that perfectly match your business identity.

Language Editor

Integrated language editor helps for translating to your language. You can edit any wording and adjust it to your own needs!

Manual Print Job Control

Print Manager pauses users’ print jobs and lets you choose to print or delete one or multiple print jobs on different printers.

Automatic Print Job Control

Print Manager uses each account’s settings (and money balance if applicable) to automatically decide if the print job should be printed, deleted or paused. Operator assistance is not required.


Configure rules to automatically print or delete any user’s print job, and optionally notify customer. Rules can be set to block or pause printing when:
– There is insufficient money balance in that account
– The print job size exceeds maximum allowed size
– The document name contains specified keywords
– The print job exceeds the maximum number of pages or copies
– The print job is color when only black & white is allowed
And more…

User Groups

Administrator can create groups of users who share the same limitations. For example: a specified user group can print only black & white documents, and/or that group shares the same money balance for all print jobs of it’s users, the user group can print only in specified hours during the day and group may not print documents with defined keywords.

Group limits apply to all users of a group.

Real-time Statistics & Reports

Real time statistics and usage reports provide print (and sale) reports in chart and table view. You can check number of printed pages during the day, sales, top customers by color, black & write printing, summary per printer, account, group etc.

Activity Log

Print Manager logs different actions performed by employees, administrator and customers, including sales, generated accounts, printed and deleted pages.

Operator Mode – Easy Interface
for Account Generating

Very simple and straightforward user interface for account generating and print job control.

In just 3 steps operator can choose account type (unlimited, price plan or user group), the number of accounts to generate and click on Generate button to make new accounts and optionally print them.

It’s possible to connect multiple Print Managers in operator mode and generate accounts from different locations. It can be also used for easy management from a remote computer, which is connected to the same Print Manager database. For this purpose you will need to obtain the “Operator Licence”

Print Confirmation

For this task you use the “Print Agent” application, which is included with Print Manager free of charge. This requires the customer’s confirmation of print jobs from the workstation before their jobs print. The customer is informed about the print jobs cost and can confirm printing or delete their print job.

Advanced Prices

Flexibly configure prices based on various combination of paper size and color to suit your needs


Automatically print or delete paused print jobs on specified time of the day or selected date.

Account Balance

Check Upon login: in Print Agent, customer is informed about account balance, printed documents, and any waiting jobs

Customer Data Collection

Collect customer personal data – name, phone number and e-mail, using Print Agent (included free of charge). You can use such customer data, for your own records or for marketing purposes.

Active Directory

Easily import Active Directory accounts, and configure them with desired options.

Usage Scheduling

Configure different day / time templates when customers are able to use your services. For example, some customers can print from 8AM to 8PM, while others can print on weekends. Predefined usage scheduling templates are included. In addition, you can configure restricted daily time intervals, when printing is not allowed. These restrictions apply for each separate user account and group.

Automatic Refill and Top-Up

Automatically increase money balance or available pages for account holders. It can be configured to perform a refill every day at a selected time, weekly at defined day and time, monthly or annually. You can define auto-refilling for selected accounts or groups.

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