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Corporate Print Control Is Now Crucial

The dramatic rise in electronic communication, such as emails and faxes, creates a problem of falsely perceived low cost.

When Company A sends such literature to Company B it seems almost free of charge. Company A faces no paper or ink/toner costs, no envelopes, not even a single stamp.

That leads Company A to feel free to send in whatever length and format best suits their message. However if Company B needs printed copies they are faced with lengthy letters and brochures, containing large colorful graphics and subsequently very real printing costs.


Research shows that many employees prefer to print out electronic documents, rather than reading them on a monitor. For most corporations, printing expenses will run into thousands of dollars, much of it waste.

Of course, when Company B sends literature to their own contacts they tend to do the exact same thing. This means the perceived savings of electronic communication are nullified, or even the reason for increased printing costs, across all companies and government departments.

Taking Control Effectively

Leaving aside the volume of literature your own company or department is sending, electronic or otherwise, there is a clear need to control your internal printing expenses.

Various forms of best practice and streamlined operating procedures will certainly help reduce internal volume but the drastic and ongoing increase in incoming literature will easily wipe out such savings today.

A fast and effective means of simply putting a stop to wasted or excessive printing is to directly control what individuals and user groups are empowered to print, unless seeking additional authority. Attempts to do this via internal notices or rules consistently fail without actual physical control, making the concept appear impractical or expensive to implement. So what is the solution?

The most effective solution is also the most cost effective and practical. This is to use specialist printer queue management software.

Also referred to as printer monitoring software, this is ideally used to set ‘rules’ (policies) in advance, rather than attempting live control.

Making The Rules – Using Antamedia Print Manager

Antamedia’s printer queue management software, Print manager allows for a vast range of rules, with no limits such as only three rules at a time or anything of that nature. Your rules are easily set via your control panel, mostly just a matter of selecting options and perhaps inputting numbers.

    Some examples:

  • Route the busiest department to a large laser printer only
  • No color printing by the accounts department
  • Block the printing of internal email with the word “Private”
  • Prevent printing outside expected hours, such as 9AM to 6PM
  • Restrict sales staff from printing more than 2 copies of anything
  • Place a print quota on an entire department or building
  • And so on.

As you can see Print Manager is flexible, to suit almost any situation. The following features which make it your ideal choice:


Even if you have many printers dotted all over the nation, they can all be controlled by a single tabbed control panel installed on a single PC.

The interface is clear, comprehensive and simple enough to use without formal training. A helpful and in depth manual is included.

Logging and statistics

Detailed reports are available, helping you to spot bottlenecks, any trouble areas or simply for your information and planning.

User Groups

Allows easy control right down to the single individual or to user groups. For example if you find a certain department is printing excessively you can limit only that department, without restricting managers or administrators.


Entirely software driven – no hardware or upgrades required

While some print queue management systems use physical blocks or swipe cards and other cumbersome methods, Print Manager gives you control via a simple software control panel.

Multiple Printer Support

Print Manager is designed to work with not just multiple printers but also various different makes and models.

It is unlikely that you have any printers on your network that Print Manager cannot give you direct control over. To make certain, a mini module is included that will check all connected printers and confirm if they can be used prior to installation and live control.

Blocks documents by keyword e.g. “confidential”

You probably have measures in place to track or even block the sending and duplication of sensitive electronic documents. This is no protection against printing them though and internally printed documents on your own stationary can actually be considered more valuable for theft or scandal than a collection of bytes on disk.

Print Manager’s rules can be set to automatically block any attempt to print documents containing words or phrases that you decide. Examples include “Internal use only”, “private” and so on.

Self-contained – no database licensing or other software needed

Unlike software solutions with hidden costs from requiring external database applications (such as Oracle or SQL) Print Manager contains all you need.

Low Cost

A single one-time license is all that is required to control your entire printing network.

License start form $99, making Antamedia Print Manager even more cost effective.

Safe to install, without affecting the rest of your network

Each computer to be controlled has a small, simple to install client application, avoiding the risk of corrupting print drivers or network settings.

To experience the control panel, demonstrating and testing Print Manager can be performed on a single PC. It will automatically find connected printers but will not restrict any printers unless you tell it to, which you can easily undo.

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