Charging Or Billing For Printing

Turning your printing facilities into a revenue center

If you own a business or run an organization that has potential customers walking through the door, you could be missing out on some easy profits.

Today every business has to fight to protect their margins, squeezing maximum productivity from every asset they own – but you can actually profit from something as humble as your printer!


Increasingly popular with Internet cafes or other establishments that provide Internet access, offering printing services is perhaps the easiest way to increase your profits because of the low investment and simplicity. Anywhere that mixes computers or digital media with documents and people can do this.

The best part is that you get to expand your business in no time, by simply making a decision to start charging for printing.

Easy with the right software – Antamedia Print Manager

In the past such an operation may have looked simple in concept but would involve numerous obstacles or pitfalls.

Let’s look at those problems and how Antamedia turns them around:

Investment – Many libraries or universities use swipe cards with additional hardware attached to a printer, or custom-built kiosks. Such systems require considerable investment and may be impossible with your current hardware.

Print Manager is a software-only solution that bypasses the need for any extra hardware or fancy systems. You just install a very small “client” program on the relevant computer/s.

Calculating charges – You’ll be please to know that the days of some administrative staff to actually weigh the printed sheets, or count them by hand, are over! Print Manager has a built in charging system that states, with confidence, how much somebody owes.

Flexibility – Setting things up to allow for the difference between color or black and white, between guests and regular staff or students and other such considerations, used to require a dedicated IT team to configure. The problem is when you need to do something different!


Print Manager adapts easily, with a central control panel that lets an authorized member of staff (restricted by password) make any changes required in seconds. Regardless of if you’re running the IT helpdesk or can barely operate a word processor, you’ll love the simple tabbed control panel.

Hands Free – Older systems needed administrative staff to run them but Print Manager can be used as a “set and forget” solution, running the entire print management system on autopilot. If your current customers are giving you money then you already have the staff you need.

The only things you might need to pull someone from their current desk for are issues such as paper jams or running out of ink and toner!

Centralized – Don’t worry about having to make fiddly changes to each and every printer.

With Print Manager there is no need to make any adjustments to your printers, such as changing driver software. Printers can be stubborn things at the best of times so you’ll be glad to know if your printers are working then you don’t have fix what isn’t broken!

One single installation of Print Manager will control all computers and connected printers – even if they far removed, such as the other end of the corridor or even the other end of the world.

How much can you make?

With convenience being more important to your customers than value you may be surprised at how much people will pay for a hard copy of their documents!

In actual practice we have found busy libraries and Internet cafes regularly produce $10 to $20 per day in metropolitan areas, plus many other establishments find it a great means of not just reducing their printing spend but completely covering it. Printing for free!

To see just how easy Print Manager is to set up and use, go ahead and download the free trial. It makes no changes to your current network or setup other than those you tell it to, so it’s completely risk-free to start billing for printing today.

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