Turning Printing Costs Into Profit

Have you heard the phrase “A dollar saved is a dollar earned”?

Print Manager

Clawing back any expenses is a simple way to raise your profit margin and the figures may surprise you.

We find a medium to large organisation can easily save 35% of their printing costs with Antamedia Print Manager, with some smaller companies reaching savings up to 64%.

If printer control could save just 10% of your printing costs, how much would you save?

Do you have staff wandering around aimlessly, holding pieces of paper?

Your out of control “printing bill” may be costing you a lot more than paper and toner!

Now, imagine if every time someone wished to print something (on all or selected printers), they had to first check it with yourself, an administrator or pre-set rules that you decide?

You Make The Rules, Antamedia Enforces Them

The default of Antamedia Print Manager is that anybody can print as much as they like of anything, whenever they want to, as often as they wish. This is how your company is running right now!

After Print Manager is installed, you can change the rules. Not by sending a memo or by posting notices that get ignored but with a simple push-button software control panel on a single PC.

Print Manager ScreenshotYour easy Windows control panel with tabs

You choose how many pages are allowed, if color is allowed, what times printing is available and so on. You can control this by user group, by individual, by location, even down to a specific printer.

Such profit-rescuing print management is no longer difficult or expensive and you don’t need to hire any more experts. Just a few clicks to download and install Antamedia Print Manager software.

Setting the rules is the only configuration required. When you’re ready, decide on the rules, set them and you’re done.

Printer Management Without The Risks

No matter how large or complex your printing facilities may be now or in the future, you’ll find APM will scale easily, giving you centralized control, real-time or automated, over local and remote printing tasks.

This is achieved with a single software installation. All you need is a standard Windows PC connected to your network.

A straightforward and comprehensive control panel is provided, meaning you have complete over-sight, with the discretion to restrict, block or even charge end users, with fine-tuned control. This power is not restricted to your local office either, for you have automated control over printers in remote locations, even different countries.

Print Manager automatically seeks out all connected computers and printers, without requiring any hardware upgrades. Not one cable extra.

It just works, with none of those frustrating “not recognized” errors or technical nightmares that may have held you back before.

Features And Benefits – Made Affordable

Antamedia print management software has already become popular with larger enterprises, as they appreciate the fast return on investment and simplicity of operation that any business, school, non-profit, NGO or similar will benefit from. Here are some of those key features and benefits:

  • Extra profitability via saving costs
  • Option to directly profit by billing for printing
  • Highly flexible, e.g. control by user, user group or printer
  • In-depth pricing plans with auto-top-up or pay as you go
  • Restrict or charge per page, if color etc
  • Blocks documents by keyword e.g. “confidential”
  • Easy to understand tabbed interface
  • Logging and statistics
  • Entirely software driven – no hardware or upgrades required
  • Self-contained – no database licensing or other software needed
  • Safe to install, without affecting the rest of your network
  • Works with Microsoft XP/Vista/7/Server

Forged From Feedback

Antamedia already has a vast customer base across every continent using our popular internet cafe software. This has enabled us to rapidly develop a solution that requires virtually no training or technical expertise, based on mass feedback sampling under real-world conditions.

Antamedia Print Manager

As an increasing number of our clients operate major enterprises we have been able to prove that Print Manager scales well, regardless of how large or complex your network may be. We have not forgotten that Antamedia’s success was built on helping smaller companies and this is still reflected in our very affordable licensing fees!

Ink manufacturers, print-happy staff and graphic intensive documents will continue to eat away at profitability if you don’t stop them.Rather than continuing to lose money with out-of-control printing costs, you can take decisive action against such factors right now, with just a single installation of Antamedia Print Manager.

Zero Risk Free Trial

You can easily try out Print Manager on two PCs, or just the one if you wish to explore the feature-packed control panel. This means no reconfiguring or interruption of your current system for a demonstration; download it, explore, then just collect the license you need.

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